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Youth 2000 New York

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Comments & Responses

dasalsakid (1 year ago)
sweet video - I wanna learn more about youth 2000! does it come to the west coast?
crstprst (11 months ago)
firestorm50 (10 months ago)
totally awesome
isefire (10 months ago)
nicely done
sunshineapples (7 months ago)
love this video, love Youth 2000. Check out the Website, you can easiy find it via Google. Did you know that Y2k also exists in England and Wales, France, Ireland, Slovakia, Germany... God has changed my life through Youth 2000, I strongly recommend that you go to a retreat.
PatriotCF86 (5 months ago)
I've only gone to Youth 2000 once but it was better than any retreat I've ever gone to. I highly recommend it, and this video is so awesome, anyone know who sings the song?
SimmiNiebler (5 months ago)
I love the youth 2000.
I am a member in germany. I love it. I mean GOD is everywhere, also on the other side of the world. Of HIS world! Thtat's great.
averitas (3 months ago)
Blessings from NYC and Youth 2000. Never forget you have a huge family around the world... and growing.
angelpddm (2 weeks ago)
I went to my first Y2000 retreat 10 yrs ago here in Ireland! It helped me make my final decision to enter a religious order dedicated to praying before the Blessed Sacrament and now I'm nearly three years professed! Let's bring the joy of being young Christians to the world

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to GrassrootsFilms
Added:  June 10, 2006
From:  GrassrootsFilms
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Eucharistic centered retreat
Category  News & Politics
Tags: youth   2000   new   york God  Jesus  Christ  Prayer  Christian  Catholic  grassroots  grassrootsfilms   (more) (less)
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