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Pass It On #44

Quietly, Slowly, The Spirit is Working

by Catherine Doherty

Quietly, with little fanfare and less publicity, and slowly, the Spirit is working on modern man.

Youth by the hundreds are seeking old and new ways of prayer. Young men and women are turning their faces once again towards communities and towards communes. Both are based on faith and love, for no commune or community can exist without these two.

Few talk about the “death of God” any more. Many talk about the “Lord of History,” about his role in our world, about penance, fasting, prayer.

A gentle breeze is blowing through our land once again. Young and old are being filled with peace. Instead of flowers of paper, or from nature, men give each other joy, the joy of the Lord.

Many, tired of criticisms and negative approaches to life, and to churches, are taking more and more positive attitudes towards all of these. Catholic theologians are rarely read by youth and their elders. But the Bible, at the moment, seems to be the most read book of all.

To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, there is an underground swell. But it is quiet and very gentle, and strangely enough it separates itself from the “underground Church.”

Here and there, there is news of youth entering again Religious Orders, especially contemplative ones. Here and there is news about youth founding new Orders. The gentle breeze is becoming a wind. Here and there, let us pray that soon it will fall in tongues of flame upon all Christians, whoever they are, so that some day soon each one of us will show the face of Christ to the other.

Quietly, without fanfare and without publicity, the Spirit of the Lord is truly alive in the hearts of men.

Adapted from Restoration, September 1970

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