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Fishers of Men (Part 1) AWESOME!

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This is a video response to Fishers of Men (Part 2) AWESOME
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niel86 (1 week ago)
I saw this video at a vocation retreat. As an aspirant, it always gives me that tad bit of courage to keep discerning my vocation whenever the world gets too noisy. Thanks...

The peace and joy of the Risen Lord be with you all.
mmdghr (2 weeks ago)
well said!
Jinxie228 (3 weeks ago)
Awesome video! We are all equal no matter our position in life or when we accepted Christ into our life.

Thank you for sharing,
BrotherofNalts (3 weeks ago)
We're each called to spread the Gospel according to our "state of life." One's state of life means differing responsibilities. For instance, my brother Kevin has a family, and so his responsibilities are primarily to sanctify his relationship with his wife and kids. Priests are not "better" or "holier" because they're priests, but their "state of life" allows them to preach the Gospel in a different way. And you, Nick, personally, have your own unique high call from Christ! Be a Saint!
riverbasil (3 weeks ago)
well I hope that whilst not becoming a priest that I can still spread the word and love of Jesus Christ and God's word in the same capacity as a priest could
BrotherofNalts (3 weeks ago)
The truth is that can never enter into a relationship with God on our own. That's because God - in His infinite majesty - is *supremely* OTHER. There's no way to "get to Him." And that's why He sent His Son, so that he could come to us. "Spirituality" is a pretty vague concept. A relationship with God happens according to His plan - and that plan is Jesus Christ. Thanks for watching and commenting.
BrotherofNalts (3 weeks ago)
If you read the early chapters of the Acts of the Apostles, you can see that the Church existed before the Bible. There were actually five Popes before John (Gospel according to John) died. The Bible is the product of the Church. I don't love the Church because of power, buildings, diplomacy or teachings. And I don't love the priesthood because of great priests or poor priests or rich priests. I love them both because they were given to us by Jesus Christ.
SakeBombProductions (3 weeks ago)
Excellent video! Thanks!!
FromFlushingtoMarcy (3 weeks ago)
This video is awesome. I go to a Catholic high school, and we all watched it during an assembly on vocations. Hopefully more kids my age will realize that the priesthood could be a great way to go.
braddahrandy (4 weeks ago)
Greetings ..
I myself a filmmaker and would like use it for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ . We need more priest and religious specially ... to preach the Gospel with thier lives . Thier culture is a counter culture of the world we live in of extreme capitalism , materialism and individualism . The trailer of my first film will be launch this summer . My second film and beyond will be more about the life of a saints in our time . Nice Video
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to BrotherofNalts
Added:  May 08, 2007
From:  BrotherofNalts
This is an awesome video produced by ... This is an awesome video produced by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to encourage vocations to the priesthood. If you've thought about being a priest, or you know someone who is thinking about it, or if you just want to know a little about what it means to be a Catholic priest, this is an excellent video to watch. It's part of an overall program as listed on the USCCB website here: http://www.usccb.org/vocations/index.... (more) (less)
Category  Howto & DIY
Tags: priest   vocation   fishers   men jesus  christ  pope  john  paul  vatican  catholic  nalts   (more) (less)
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