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Fishers of Men (Part 2) AWESOME

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This is a video response to Fishers of Men (Part 1) AWESOME!
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MuggleSam (2 weeks ago)
Please don't tell me you've never seen the Star Wars Movies, and the evil Sith Lord who lured Anakin to turn to the dark side?
nalts (2 weeks ago)
I don't moderate comments, but I had to google Palpatine. Was he German?
MuggleSam (2 weeks ago)
I'm scared of death. It's not enough comfort knowing that everyone is waiting for me in Heaven. I want it to be enough but....
MuggleSam (2 weeks ago)
Palpatine? ahahhahaha
MSJelin (2 weeks ago)
Shoot, did I offend you? Sorry, I was just kidding... I didn't really think the new pope looked like Palpatine... I hope I'm not blocked...
SakeBombProductions (3 weeks ago)
Amazing ....
BrotherofNalts (4 weeks ago)
My most boring days as a priest are usually more interesting that my most exciting days when I practiced law!
BrotherofNalts (4 weeks ago)
They used to do a thing called "tonsure" where they'd shave part of your head, but not anymore. Now they look skeptically at people who shave their craniums. . . ;)
IAGuy06 (4 weeks ago)
NutCheese (4 weeks ago)
Do they cut your hair when you join... like the military?
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to BrotherofNalts
Added:  May 08, 2007
From:  BrotherofNalts
This is the second half of the vocati... This is the second half of the vocations video called Fishers of Men (Part 1). If you've thought about the priesthood, if you know someone who is thinking about the priesthood, or if you just want to know a little something about the priesthood, give it a look. Watch Part 1 first.

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Category  Howto & DIY
Tags: priest   vocation   fishers   men jesus  christ  pope  john  paul  vatican  catholic  nalts   (more) (less)
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