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September 2, 2005 Newsletter


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1)      The World’s Most Notorious Collectors – Who’d Have Thought?

2) – Report Illegal Sites or An Internet Predator

3)      Have You Protected your Home? – Internet Filtering Solutions

4)      War on P_rnography Tip of the Week – Content Audit



"Private choices are not private; they all have public consequences. . . .
Our society is the sum total of what millions of individuals do in their
private lives."
   James E. Faust



1)    The World’s Most Notorious Collectors


Collecting cards is a joy with some people and an obsession with others – hockey cards, children’s’ Yugioh cards, or baseball cards. Collectors eagerly anticipate the arrival of the newest offerings, and are often driven to secure certain popular or rare items for their collection.


Did you know that the “card collectors” mentality is central to the psyche of most child p_rnography viewers as well?


Shared images of an abused child are given the same careful organization and classification that other types of collectors give their collections.  For example, images of a particular child are given a series name, numbered, classified (according to age) and filed meticulously by collectors.  This cataloguing allows collectors to communicate and exchange specific information and images with each other, and it also gives p_rn peddlers further marketing abilities.


For example, in chat rooms, requests will be made such as, “Does anybody have image three from series two of “Girl with Freckles”?


Card collectors seek popular and rare cards.  Similarly, there are “hot” images and series with child p_rnography viewers as well.  For example, when a recent police investigation hit the news in Canada and the US, it created a flurry of requests by collectors for images of a particular girl.



2) CYBERTIPS.CA – Protecting Children


Canadians who come across individuals or web sites on the Internet that they suspect of luring or exploiting children for s_xual purposes can report their concern to:


Suspected illegal sites or activities are forwarded by this agency to law enforcement officials in the originating country.


As most of the content reported is of foreign origin, it does not provide a lot of work to Canada’s own police forces; however it is a critical component of Canada’s efforts to address child predation.

“We’ve had over 2,000 reports from the public,” Lianna McDonald, executive director of Child Find Manitoba said.  “We’ve had over 400 web sites hosting illegal material shut down, as well as ten arrests as a result of the public coming forward and making those important reports.  And we know that we’ve had a few instances where there have been children in Canada who have been removed from a situation where they have been victimized.”



3)     Have You Protected Your Home?– Internet Filtering Solutions


With school resuming across the country and children doing research on the Internet, one item you want to be sure to be sure to add to your shopping basket along with pencils and felts is a good Internet filtering solution.


A child’s simple “search” can bring up hardcore p_rnography sites, as purveyors intentionally purchase the URL’s of misspelled popular sites and search engines.  A friend of mine recently went on the Internet to search for a new rib recipe before preparing dinner.  Well, she got a lot more “ribs” than recipes!


Although this is disconcerting, it is not surprising.  P_rnography marketers link their material to the most unrelated topics as a means of accessing new customers.  Like tobacco manufacturers, they want children to become addicted at as young an age as possible so they will have a customer for life.


Childhood is a time of imprinting.  Images that children are exposed to can never be erased. 


Don’t delay! 


Filters are not just for children.  Speaking with a counsellor recently, I was informed that p_rnography has become one of the leading causes of marital discord and breakup.


TAKE ACTION – Research & Install a Filter


To help you take action and protect your family, please visit the following sites to find the filtering solution that best meets your family’s needs.


Max Protect (Reviews 8 popular filters)


Internet Filter Review (Reviews 10 popular filters)



4)    War on P_rnography Tip of the Week – Content Audit


How can you know if your computer has been used to pick up inappropriate content?


If you wish to know if your computer has picked up inappropriate sites or content (p_rnography, gambling, etc.) go to Content Audit:


Content audit is a free online tool that safely checks your PC for explicit or other unwanted content.



Here’s to prevention!


Michele Dow

United Mothers, Fathers and Friends

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